KG (kennysgoddess) wrote,

An update...

Right now I am going to be working at Best Buy (whee), and working on getting in shape so I can join the police academy. There is a test date at the end of hopefully I can get ready by then.

I should be starting there sometime this week. I quit Shaw's Monday...then Tuesday I had an interview there, heh. Too bad they have this retarded process (drug test, background check, amg it's not like I am working for the government!), but I am starting at what I was making at Shaw's after being there for three years :|. And it's full time.

But my main goal right now is getting in shape. I'd be working on it now but I have not felt great the past few days, booo.

Back to watching crime shows, I suppose. :P
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Congratulations on getting a new job! And so soon!
The Police Academy? Good luck. :)
Well done getting a new job so quickly.

I didn't know you wanted to join the police... what sort of police officer would you want to be?
Cassie the cop? Wow, I never saw that one coming! Good luck!
Considering the social dynamic back when I knew you, I think you'd make a badass cop :P