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I haven't posted anything significant in a really long time.

Laptop is working again, yay! Brad and I gotta get some more RAM for it, but after that I'll be able to play WoW on it (right now it's too slow, I get like 4 fps because there isn't enough RAM, boo.

Um...what else...I have 2500g in WoW? :P Too bad I don't have 2500 dollars IRL...SO I COULD BUY THAT HORDE LAPTOP FFS. :)

I did some of my Christmas shopping...just for Brad really right now. I got him a nice pen since he is going back to school, a 24 figurine of Keifer Sutherland kicking in a door, lawl, Orange Box for PC and the the Bourne Ultimatium on DVD...I also got him an alarm clock Ipod radio dock. :D

There's a few other things I want to get him as well, but I am not sure when I am going to be able to...gotta hide em. :P

Setting up the tree soon...

But yeah. Welcome to my boring life.

OH YEAH. We got the deposit on the room for our wedding, so it's definite that we're getting married 5/17/2008. ^_____^

Cait, we're going up Tuesday to talk to the lady one more time, then I'll give ya a call...I need some halp, lol.

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