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I've been at Best Buy 2 months and I got promoted today, yay.

And now I make 11.20 an hour, better than anything I have made yet, woohoo!

Too bad I only got hom at like 1 and I have to go back at 7:30...:P

But yay. Excited I am.

In other news...I play WoW too much, but Brad and I are doing good.

The End!

(See you in 3 months when I feel like posting again!)
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Congratulations on your promotion Cassie.

Yes you are too addicted to WoW, it was better when you were addicted to AIM :-P

I'm glad things are going well for you and Brad.
Congratulations on the promotion Cassie! I hope the next three months are fabulous!
Congratulations, Cass! :D Have a good three months! LOL